We are a Small Batch, Eco-Conscious, Plant Inspired company located in Southern California. Inspired by The Seas, The Bees and The Trees for Plant Lovers and Hippies at Heart.

All garment production, hand dying, labels, packaging and shipping are done in Orange County, California.

We ship to our customers using only 100% Recycled packaging which can be composted, reused and/or recycled.

We strive to be a zero waste company and we have started using our fabric scraps to create accessories which we will be launching very soon! 

More extensively and what SETS US APART from other organic textile companies is our hand dying processes with Plant Dyes that are tested for light and colorfastness. Not to confuse our processes with fruit and vegetable dyes. Natural Plant Dyes are a renewable source and most can be disposed of back into the garden or into the compost bin reducing waste. We hand dye small batches of finished products to create a truly ONE OF A KIND piece that can not be repeated. Their is a connection with the dyer and the garment that is truly unique. The variables of the processes are unlimited from the fabric preparation to the tension of the fabric manipulation, the water temperature, the water type, the time frame of dipping & drying to the temperament of the dye itself; the variables of the plant and how or when it was harvested. 

For our underwear, we start by sourcing fabric that is ethically made from USA made textiles. Currently we use two different fabrics; one of which is grown from seed in Texas from the Texas Department of Agriculture that is regulated by the USDA. All of the mills that process the organic cotton into fiber and fabric, adhere to the regulations set forth by presiding regulatory bodies of the USA, including but not limited to: US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology, OSHA, US Department of Labor, etc. The second fabric that we use is made in Los Angeles, California by a brother run business which is certified by GOTS. For our hair ties we use dead waste scraps from our underwear production helping to achieve our Zero Waste goal! All of our fabrics are ethically sourced.

Currently we only use cellulose based(plant based) fabrics such as Organic Cotton for the base of our underwear because of its moisture wicking properties to discourage yeast growth. Organic Cotton is grown using practices that are safer and have less impact on the environment and the workers in which grow, harvest and mill the cotton. It is also softer than traditional cotton.  The small amount of Elastane in our fabrics give the garment a stretch and durability that allows the fabric to hug your body and accentuate your natural curves while reducing tugging, pinching or pulling. Felling more like a second skin. We have also removed the gusset to help reduce moisture and heat as well as the elastic waist/leg bands to help prevent rubbing around freshly shaven areas.   

Thank you for coming to our site and supporting local businesses that care about you and your health!

Sabrina XOXO